Champion Pet Food Chimney Stack

If you’re going to produce dog food, you’re going to create some powerful aromas. The challenge for Champion Pet Food was to maintain production levels at their plant while at the same time considering the impact on the residents of Morinville.
Binder Construction was called in and given the mandate to implement the solution with the utmost efficiency. We installed a high stack to take the inevitable odors that are produced during production and release them well above the town. It was important for the client that there be no downtime, so that meant going into an active part of the building and installing very deep foundations to support the weight of the stack. It also meant long hours and weekend work to get in and out in the time we had.

This was a project that required equal measures of speed, mechanical power, and precision. After the piles were secured, the stack was lifted into place in two sections and joined in the middle with 32 anchor bolts. With a structure this size, and engineering this precise, there is no room for error. The project was completed safely and accurately within the timeframe specified, the client’s production schedule was not disrupted, and the people of Morinville are breathing easier.

Unique Features

  • Twenty 22-foot piles driven under the stack inside the building
  • 32 anchor bolts set into wet concrete for the baseplate

Project Facts

  • Client: Champion Pet Food
  • Prime Consultant: Pinchin Environmental
  • Height: 160 ft.
  • Dollar Value: $800,000
  • Project Duration: 6 weeks
  • Project Description: Modify existing facility to add exhaust stack