Since 1972 we have had a simple formula to success. Honesty,authentic relationships,and a pride in our work.

Arno Binder started Binder Construction in 1972. The company was founded on the simple idea that no matter how much technology or general business practices change, simple straight forward principles will always be relevant to guide a company or an industry. These principles include hard work, honesty, authentic relationships, and a sense of pride in one’s work. Our goal has been to develop a reputation as a company that consistently works at and develops the core principles the company was founded on.

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Binder Construction is now into its second generation of ownership. Duncan and Colin Binder purchased the company from their father Arno Binder in 1996.

Almost 4 decades later, many things about the company and the industry have changed, but our dedication to the key principles that started the company have not. If you were to talk to an employee of Binder Construction or to an employee of another company that Binder Construction has worked with in the past, it wouldn’t take long for them to tell you about how those principles are developed and displayed.

The emphasis that is placed on honesty both in how Binder plans and executes a job, as well as in the interactions we have with clients, and other contractors, demonstrates our dedication to operating a business with integrity.

The focus that Binder places on business relationships is evident in the way that Colin and Duncan know each of their employee’s names and family on some personal level. The majority of employees have been with the company for well over 15 years, and in addition, Binder has worked alongside many of the same subcontractors for over 25 years.

Pride in one’s work is displayed through the impeccable quality in each and every project that Binder Construction completes.

The future goals of Binder Construction are to maintain the standards and principles that have been developed over the last 40 years. The traditions of hard work, honesty, authentic relationships, and pride in each and every project that they undertake, are evident in the final projects that they create for their clients.

Our Commitment

  • Treat every client, staff member, and contractor with the highest degree of respect.
  • Be honest and forthcoming in all of our business practices.
  • To quote accurately on both costs and timelines and then diligently follow and fulfill those quotes.
  • To work with the client and cater to their needs to ensure that every project results in their goals being met.
  • Maintain a standard of the highest quality work and craftsmanship on every project.
  • To maintain the overall standards of hard work, integrity, and respect that this company was founded on.